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Spiritual Wisdom of the Maya

By Egan Sanders

The classic Mayan civilization of Central America existed from 200-400 A.D. through 830 A.D., during which they built their astronomical and ceremonial centers in stone. The Maya saw science and spirituality as interrelated: astronomy, astrology, numerology, time keeping, biological rhythms, art and architecture, myth and history - were all viewed together as vital elements of their holistic philosophy of life.

To the Maya all the stuff of the universe was an intelligent energy, which they called Hunab Ku. Hunab Ku was the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent life force, everywhere present, everywhere alive and active. Hunab Ku literally means the "One Giver of Movement and Measure." Hunab Ku encompasses all of life and gives literal movement and measure to all of the intelligent energy in the universe. Hunab Ku is the director of life, the Absolute Being, God - Spirit.

In Mayan thought, human beings are seen as projections and reflections of that Cosmic Consciousness which is Hunab Ku. One translation for the word human is, "hu" God, expressing through "man." The Maya saw the entire universe as Hunab Ku. Each individual was one with every other being - the very same entity. You are me, and I am you. Underneath all form is one Energy, one Spirit, one Being.

There is a common Hindu greeting - Namaste - that many people have heard, but perhaps do not know the full translation of:

I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells.
I honor the place in you, which is of Love, of Truth, of Light, and of Peace.
When you are in that place within yourself, and I am in that place within myself
- We are One.

The Maya has a similar way to greet one another - In Lak'ech (een la-kesh). It loosely translates as "I am another yourself" or "I am another you." Many other cultures and religions seek to express this same ideal. The word "shalom" represents peace, unity, and oneness. Hawaiians use the word "aloha" which means, "welcome in love". Jesus the Christ told his followers, "Love me and you love God." In his esoteric thinking Jesus saw everything as a creation of God.

At some point in time, whether it was in another dimension, or a society that practiced total love, we felt connected to each other much more profoundly. So many problems and neurosis are caused by the idea that "I am not enough" or "I am not good enough" Why? Could it be that at one time we were more connected, and when a separation occurred - perhaps from taking on a physical body or living in a society of separation consciousness - we felt small and less? We lost touch with the One Being that we are? The reason we may feel incomplete is because we don't recognize our unity with all of life, when in actuality we are always one with it.

When we feel separate from another person - they become the "other", "them", not "ME" - "them". Can we practice tolerance and inclusiveness toward all the people we interact with - whether we share the same beliefs or values? What would the world feel like if all people were no longer "them" but friends? They would all be people to love. Not to always agree with on every level, not to idealize - just to appreciate a deeper connection with. It is very easy to do when you acknowledge that they are another you.

We strive for love. We do things to earn it, to create it, to hold onto it and maintain it. We just want to be loved - as a given. We are love. Are we willing to just give that love automatically? Can we just be loved for who we are - right now? Isn't this the basic drive of all people, in one way or another?

The search for power, youth, money, acceptance, you fill in the seems we still want to feel that connection that was once automatic and will do anything to get it back as we live in separation consciousness.

We seem to remember a place where we are all one and love is automatic. As we grow up and adapt to society, we are told we are separate - we are not one with others - and that we are small, limited beings. Hate is an expression for the outrage at being separated from love, from each other. Hate separates. Hate blocks the love for yourself, and others, and reinforces separation.

The most basic true state is to be in unlimited love and connection with all beings. This brings a sense of inner peace, well-being, and safety. When someone does something that threatens your ability to feel a loving connection, it is as though you are cut off from your greatest sense of well-being in a brutal way. You feel hurt by what the person did and suffer the injury of losing your connection to your Soul. There can be terror and outrage that someone else has the power to cut you off from that love.

For me, my intention is to remind myself that there is only love. I can choose my response. We can catch ourselves; we can transcend all the separating emotions and feel peace. Our attitude determines how we feel. We can forgive ourselves for feeling anger or hate, and see that it is love that we want. Staying connected to our Soul is priceless, and that can only be done in a state of love. Despite the ignorance and darkness that can manifest on this planet at times, despite the confusion of beliefs that encircle the globe, underneath it all, there is only love.

We are all one - on the deepest level and we can experience that all the time - if we choose.

In Lakech - I am another you - Egan

Note: I have been graced by many teachers in my life. This article contains some ideas and concepts originally taught by Orin as channeled by Sanaya Roman, Jose Arguelles and John Major Jenkins.

© Egan Sanders, 2005

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