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Meet Egan

Egan Sanders is a transformation coach, intuitive counselor and spiritual development teacher who is passionate about helping others live joyfully and actualize their potential.  He was born with intuitive abilities and has always been able to empathically experience the thoughts, images, and feelings of other people. This allows Egan to tune into and deeply understand a person and create a space for rapid emotional healing, clearing and positive change. 

After attending New York University, Egan began applying spiritual and philosophical concepts while working in the financial, medical, and telecommunications fields. In 1995 Egan began to present lectures and classes, and in 2001 started offering coaching and intuitive counseling.  

Egan SandersFor the past 25 years Egan has been dedicated to his own journey of awakening. His training has been extensive. Egan has personally studied with such teachers as Babaji Maharaj, Jon Marc Hammer, Brenda Morgan, Shirley MacLaine, Ken Page and Stuart Wilde, to name a few. Egan’s work has also been deeply influenced by Eckart Tolle, Joseph Murphy, Louise Hay, Vernon Howard, Sanaya Roman/Orin and Elan.

He has taught throughout the United States and internationally, founded two holistic associations, organized numerous holistic events, and has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about environmental issues. Egan’s articles about personal and spiritual growth have appeared in several publications and he has also authored two books.

With his fun, energetic, insightful style, Egan is an inspiring and yet down to earth guide for people wanting to understand themselves, grow personally and spiritually, and move forward in life.  As an accomplished teacher, coach and counselor, he is also a great resource for advanced souls looking to reach their next level of spiritual evolution.

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"We are made to persist. That’s how we find out who we are."  

~ Tobias Wolff


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