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Happy Lady

“What I like about Egan is he’s able to pinpoint how I’m feeling, what the people in my life are feeling, and he tells me what I can expect going forward. When I ask a question, I get an answer! It’s like he knows me…he taps right into my energy! He’s straight forward, caring, and very honest with his readings. I view him as my spiritual guide/counselor.”  L.B., Indianapolis, IN

“I wanted to be sure to thank you for our session. Your ability to help me find the words to describe my feelings allowed me greater clarity. This in turn helped me to resolve my dilemmas and move forward once and for all in my life. I was confused. Your techniques guided me to go deeper into what I was truly feeling. By shining light on these areas, I was able to make better, healthier and more grounded decisions vs. my previous tendencies to make decisions emotionally, which didn't always result in happiness for me or for anyone else. Thank you again.  It was a pleasure to work with you.  Your knowledge in the field of human emotions, thoughts and actions coupled with your incredible intuition and insight are what this world needs more of!” K. J., Miami, FL

“My ability to write had become blocked. I had consulted other spiritual writers who gave me sound advice. But, it was a guided meditation with Egan that enabled me the freedom to change my writing style. Egan's intuition, the guided imagery session, and his thought provoking questions and insightful suggestions all helped me to find a more effective writer's voice. Thank you Egan for sharing your holistic awareness and skills!”  L. Z. San Angelo, TX

“Egan is very aware or "tuned in” to a person's energy and spiritual and emotional state. I've had a problem with depression and anxiety for many years. By working with Egan, I began to see how my old beliefs and negative thought patterns were controlling my life.  I began to change my belief system and my reality. Egan has helped me to value and love myself more, set clear intentions and to take action.” T.B., Houston, Texas

“The personal sessions we've done have been very beneficial in resolving the issues I was going through surrounding my partner's death. Thank you for your support, understanding and clarity.” J. D., Houston, TX

“This past week I had two very good consultations, a profitable workshop yesterday and an invitation to come and present a class for a massage therapist meeting where they offered to pay me $50 an hour! Thank you Egan for working with me and helping me to receive.” D.F., Hockley, TX

“I really enjoyed your class Sunday. It was as if a weight has been lifted and I have absolutely no doubts about the direction I'm heading. I'm working on my business plan right now. I would love any ideas and support you can offer. Your energy is wonderful!! Keep sharing your light!” D. H. Houston, TX

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