Advanced Manifesting with Light

What if you had the power to create whatever you desired?

Wonderful and miraculous events can occur when you first work at an energy level before taking action in the outer world. When you manifest with light whatever comes to you is deeply fulfilling and even more than you could have even thought to ask for.

This audio course in advanced manifesting assists you in creating something specific in your life. Whether you have a financial goal, want to manifest a clearer vision of your life’s work and higher purpose, a project, a new car, a house, or even a wonderful increase in sales, business, and clients you can serve, this course can help you to take a quantum leap in becoming ultramagnetic to abundance in all forms.

Experience a supportive environment as you listen and increase your manifesting mastery through exercises, meditations, learning, growing and being inspired to make your goals a reality.


Series Title: Advanced Manifesting with Light
Type: Audio Course
Length: Approximately 6 hours
Downloads: Audio, PDF Booklets
Product Number: AML101-AML103

Cost: $99.00

In this 3-part series you will playfully:

  • Turn what you want into energy and magnetically attract it into your life
  • Open to receive and allow abundance on a much bigger scale
  • Harmonize your energy bodies to increase your magnetism
  • Powerfully align with the energy and essence of your goal
  • Learn how to contract time to quickly manifest what you want
  • Clear and release any resistance or blocks to your higher good
  • Shift beliefs, emotions, and thoughts to connect you with the reality you prefer
  • Master these processes to continue creating other things in the future
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Law of Attraction expert and life coach, Egan Sanders, provides a step-by-step, effective strategy to create something specific in your life. You will pick a goal and get powerful tools to manifest it in its highest possible form. In addition, you will learn many Law of Attraction techniques that you can apply to all areas of your life now and in the future.

Egan began personally applying the Law of Attraction in 1990. He has worked with thousands of people throughout the United States and internationally. Egan was born with intuitive abilities which allow him to deeply tune into people and create a space for rapid emotional healing, clearing and positive change. With his fun, humorous, energetic, insightful style, Egan is an inspiring and yet down to earth guide for people wanting to understand themselves, grow personally and spiritually, and move forward in life.

Egan’s own experiences of going through financial highs and lows allowed him to master advanced levels of the Law of Attraction. The results of his years of dedicated study and application can supercharge your own manifestation goals.

Advanced Manifesting with Light is presented in 3 parts, Clarity, Belief and Manifestation

This course is a summary of the key tools and practices Egan applied himself to make manifesting a joyful, easy process. No matter what your financial situation is or goals are you can change your life and manifest greater abundance.



  • Set a clear goal and identify the essence you want to feel from having it.
  • Increase your magnetism by becoming more aware of the power of your feelings.
  • Work with light to raise your energy higher and attract with greater ease and flow.
  • Develop a strong energetic relationship with what you want to manifest before taking action.
  • Clear obstacles and play with symbols to manifest the best results.
  • Master deservability to get what you want.
  • Increase your ability to fully receive all the good the universe has to offer you.


  • Center yourself, expand your awareness and relax.
  • Recognize the dreamlike quality of reality to transcend limitations of the material world.
  • Apply daily strategies to make yourself more magnetic to the reality you prefer.
  • Connect with the higher forces of the universe to increase your power to attract good.
  • Supercharge your manifestation techniques with sensory information.
  • Invite and allow more good into your life.
  • Shift your reality by using powerful affirmations that work wonders.
  • Wear the energy of the reality you want to experience to attract it.
  • Pinpoint, reverse and reprogram limiting beliefs in order to support the full manifestation of your goal.
  • Energetically clear obstacles to what you want to manifest.
  • Allow miracles into your life.


  • Receive seeds of inspiration.
  • Grant yourself permission to have what you desire.
  • Calm your emotions when creating something new in your life.
  • Apply the “Easy Technique” to effortlessly transform challenges.
  • Release energies and negative self-talk that seem to block you.
  • Shorten the time it takes to manifest goals.
  • Expand your awareness and accelerate the Law of Attraction.
  • Magnetically attract your goal through meditation.
  • Have fun manifesting and creating.

The variety of manifesting techniques, tips and processes Egan shares in this course are too long to list! Prepare yourself to take a quantum leap forward in your life!

Are you losing sleep at night because you feel powerless to change your life or finances in meaningful and significant ways?
There’s no need to feel stuck anymore…
You don’t have to wait and hope for some lucky miracle to change your life…
And you don’t have to put time and energy into Law of Attraction tools that may or may not get results…
Why stay stuck in a rut or financial situation, job or lifestyle that leaves you feeling unhappy?

Why is this course different than typical Law of Attraction teachings? What is the Egan difference?

Learn from a person who’s successfully practiced the Law of Attraction for over 30 years and repeatedly created avalanches of financial abundance in his own life.

Get a winning strategy to vibrate with the financial reality you desire.

Feel supported, empowered, loved and free right now.

At one stage in Egan’s life he realized he had to make a change in his finances and lifestyle, so he set himself 4 goals:


All my bills are now paid in full.


I now own a brand-new car.


I now have the ideal living space.


I now have a huge surplus of money.

Soon Egan had a massive breakthrough from applying his daily Law of Attraction protocol. He was out of debt, bought a brand-new car in cash, moved into a beautiful, gated community, and had a large surplus of money.


Advanced Manifesting with Light is chock full of tools to make you ultramagnetic!

  • This system allows you to pick and choose from time-tested techniques.
  • This manifesting course is for people working with the Law of Attraction who want better and quicker results in creating things that truly fulfill them.
  • This course offers a variety of simple to use tools and strategies that are clearly explained and practiced.
  • Taking the course is a powerful Law of Attraction workout that begins to generate results.
  • You don’t just learn about the Law of Attraction – you apply it as you listen!

NOTE: This product is NOT for people who are not willing to shift their beliefs, get clear or apply the tools consistently.

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Are you ready to explore Advanced Manifesting with Light and change your life now? You have the power.

What people have to say about the Advanced Manifesting with Light course

I have worked with several programs by Egan. My finances and career have been in the dump for the last several years. I had given up on ever having a better life, a job I love and the money to experience freedom in life. After listening to Egan’s manifesting program on money I have a new sense of purpose. I have faith and hope in a better, more prosperous future ahead of me. The way Egan teaches is through examples and practical experience which motivated me to believe once again that I CAN and I WILL. I recommend working with Egan to change your life, beliefs and consciousness.

Boris Pavlov

Your Advanced Manifesting class was so super FUN! I want to say I’ve watched a couple of your talks and love how clear and practical you explain things. To me this is all about fun and expansion. I’m honored to study with an expert.

Mandy Haley

Egan, I’m interested in sharing a miracle with you, that being the incredible heights that just two course sessions with you has taken me to. It’s my dream, and I can dream it any way I like! The universe is infinitely loving and supportive to me and everyone. I feel infinitely grateful and successful! Thank you.

Audrey Peterman

Wow, Egan! Great last session! Thank you for that really beautiful opening meditation. Going through each different exercise built an amazing momentum for manifesting at the end. I’ve got to say this course really helped break me out of the incessant intellectualizing about having to ‘Do’ all this external stuff and enhanced and reinforced my confidence in BEING my Goal. Thank you for the humor and holding a vision for me!

K. Meal

Wow, Egan is truly gifted in his work. At a point our business was struggling to move forward. Egan spent 2 days with us clearing the energetic blocks and helping us to refocus our intentions so that we could move forward with clarity, intention and ease. In all honesty, he supported us in shifting our consciousness. This immediately changed the stagnant energy that was holding us back into a positive flow of abundance. The following week, not only did our phone start ringing with more and more clients, our clients even noticed the subtle changes within our space.  We are forever grateful to Egan for his wisdom and support.

EneRay Healing Foundation 

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Learning the Easy Technique can shift your attitude and finances quickly.

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Applying the BETA Awareness Technique can pinpoint limiting beliefs and transform them into magnets for what you truly want.

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And much, much more…

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