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Worry Whisperer Anxiety Coaching

My Worry Whisperer anxiety coaching is an effective way to break the grip of chronic anxiety, fear, overwhelm, worry, anxiety or doubt.


Does your mind run 24/7?

Are you trying to manage runaway mental anxiety?

Do you feel helplessly trapped in an endless loop of your own internal mental chatter?

Is it really hard for you to get a good night’s sleep?

What is Worry Whispering Coaching?

Worry Whispering is the art of mastering your mind and emotions when the mind is stuck in chronic fear, overwhelm, worry, anxiety or doubt.

Through gentle techniques that are easy to apply the mind is calmed and the emotions soothed. With practice this creates consistent inner peace and wellbeing.

I offer individual Worry Whisper coaching sessions and upon request can also offer a series of videos and other tools as part of an 8-week program for you to radically transform your worry habit.

Signs You May Need Worry Whispering

  • Sleep issues, Phobias, OCD, Social Anxiety
  • Are a stressed-out manager or business owner?
  • Hiding from scary social situations to emotionally protect yourself?
  • Feel bombarded by unsettling news stories that make you anxious?
  • Talk to yourself in your mind all day long or carry on imaginary mental conversations with other people?
  • Are a highly sensitive person or “HSP” who tends to overthink things or feels things much more deeply than other people?
  • Are a frantic worrywart, scaring yourself with mental stories or have disturbing images rushing through your mind?
  • Have an irrational fear of social media, texting, emails, or phone calls because you’re afraid something is going to GET you?!!
  • See no relief in sight from nagging self-doubts, fears and worries because you just can’t seem to break free of them no matter what you do?
  • Live alone or are single and feel uneasy navigating the hazards and complexities of real or virtual relationships?
  • Have suffered trauma and find yourself easily triggered by an unpredictable and confusing world?
  • Agonize about struggling to adapt to a rapidly changing society?
  • Exhausted by mentally debating people in your mind to resolve conflicts and find lasting closure?

What Happens in an Anxiety Coaching Session?

We start with your anxiety triggers to diagnose the root cause of your discomfort. From there we explore using awareness techniques and other tools to transform your anxieties.

Are you Ready to Stop Needless Worry?

What is the Worry Whisperer 8 Week Program?

This is a mentorship program that takes the guesswork out of the process of finding inner peace and mental calm. I act as your Worry Whisperer coach.

You are supported weekly in implementing effective tools to understand your mind and emotions and sustain clear thinking and feeling to overcome chronic worry and anxiety.

How it Works

Every week you access a new online learning module with simple but profoundly powerful Worry Whisperer techniques. The module is a combination of short, step-by-step videos, meditations and worksheets, and a summary of the key tools to practice for that week.

To reinforce your mastery further, I work with you one-on-one via a weekly coaching session for 45-60 minutes by phone or zoom. These laser coaching sessions help you to pinpoint and resolve the cause of any major anxiety you are dealing with.

In these sessions you get to check in, talk about anything related to your goals and we will troubleshoot any concerns. I will also offer any specific support you need each step of the way to implement the Worry Whisperer tools.

Email support is available as you need it. I respond to emails usually within a few hours.

At the end of the 8 weeks, you will also have learned and mastered over 20 time-tested techniques. You will be fully able to draw upon them to effectively manage anxiety and worry now or in the future.

This way, the only thing you’re doing each day to maintain inner peace is applying the simple techniques that quickly become an effortless part of your life.

Plus, there will be other bonuses, tools, and surprises, which allow you to build up your foundation of mastery over the mind that will last far beyond this program.

Registering for the program also entitles you to lifetime access to the full library of videos and materials.

The Journey of a Worry Whisperer

I began my own Worry Whisperer journey in 1994.

After encountering a yogic healer who was a master of meditation and healing at a weekend retreat, I realized how unconscious I was. It was obvious that my anxious mind ruled me and my emotions. And it was torture.

The suffering I was both personally experiencing and witnessing in my own family convinced me that I needed to start on a deeper path of self-mastery.

The early days of being a worry whisperer were rocky. I knew I needed to confront my fears but how to go about it efficiently?

A personal crisis ended up being the first major step. One night, after being relentlessly tormented by anxiety, I turned to a self-help book. Out of desperation I vigorously applied a technique described by the author and had an unexpected transcendental experience.

It was as if all the pain and misery clogging my emotions was lifted and washed away in moments. I felt clear, clean, and purified. I stood in awe of what had just happened…

And the next day, I came crashing down from the cathartic high…

But I had been to the mountaintop, so I knew it was now possible! There was a better place.

The question was, could it be done consistently? Was there a simple way to remain clear? What was the secret to unlocking the mystery of the mind’s mercurial grip over my wellbeing?

What followed were years of training in meditation, mental control, yogic techniques, transformation, actualization, emotional mastery, self-study, and practice.

Many things from stoicism, non-duality, NLP, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, Exposure Therapy and Transpersonal Psychology, were explored to name just a few.

During this time my mother died in a horrible car accident. As an alcoholic with erratic emotions, she had suffered most of her adult life. I lamented the fact that I had been too young and inexperienced to help her.

But, perhaps there would be others I could help in time with greater knowledge, so I persisted.

Nearly 20 years after my first experience with the technique that had given me a brief glimpse of deep inner peace, an unexpected dark night of the soul descended upon me after the end of a love relationship.

After almost consuming me, I knew I had to complete my training. I went deeper. I pushed my psyche to the very edge.

Did I want to spend the rest of my life at risk of being tormented by worry, anxiety, or fear? Did I want to be trapped in doubt?

I had to know who was in charge – me? Or my mind?

I got my answer later in time. All the techniques gathered over 25 years came together. Now they were natural.

Applying them was easy. I had become my own worry whisperer. And I wanted to share that with others who had suffered.

life coach head shots11
“What I like about Egan is he’s able to pinpoint how I’m feeling, what the people in my life are feeling, and he tells me what I can expect going forward. When I ask a question, I get an answer! It’s like he knows me…he taps right into my energy! He’s straight forward, caring, and very honest with his readings. I view him as my spiritual guide/counselor.”

Indianapolis, IN

“I highly recommend Egan for any help you need regarding issues related to anxiety and depression! He has helped me considerably with my own struggles with anxiety, depression, and problems with being able to sleep well. Egan has such a vast knowledge covering so many facets of human existence, I have mused out loud on more than one occasion that he is clearly a very rare, gifted individual with his coaching knowledge and abilities! For me personally, I got a lot of benefit from his powerful guided meditations – they were so incredible!

He also helped my son with some serious anxiety issues he was having. Egan also helped me understand how the human mind works, how it can be your own worst enemy at times (and how to deal with that), the importance of emotions, and ways to manage them, breathing exercises, etc. But what I really love about Egan is that he brings spirituality, which is such a foundational part of who he is, into everything he does. Egan is like the best life-coach you could ever have… one who truly wants only the best for you and puts in all his energy and skill to make sure you are on the road to success. He is a true Godsend!”


Lafayette, CO

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