Every Moment You Are New

A theme I often hear from my anxiety coaching clients is, “I’m haunted by regrets…”

The same scenario seems to emerge time and time again of being ripped away from a deep sleep in the middle of the night and hit with a full-blown life review. The clock reads 3am. The unsettled voice of the mind harshly confronts you with past failures and future worries. And then the mind taunts you, hellbent on mercilessly grinding and battering your bewildered psyche with an endless barrage of scary thoughts…

In short, you can feel endlessly trapped by your past personal history or worry about the future. It’s an easy loop of anxiety to get stuck in. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, unable to calm the frantic mind, desperately trying to get back to sleep, fighting the blaring voice in your head haunting you. No one wants to sit there in bed in a cold sweat feeling alone, petrified, and defeated.

Our personal history or the stories floating in our minds can become a painful problem. But there’s another side to our stories. That is, the hopeful future.

I recently went to the movies. I always like to arrive early and explore. I enjoy casually strolling around the megaplex, studying all the colorful movie posters on display. The theatre I was visiting was also decorated with photos displaying famous stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood and classic films, several almost 80 years old.

It was very nostalgic. Movies are like dreams. They show us new possibilities. We get to watch one for a few hours and escape. Our lives are like that too. They are very dreamlike. Have you ever changed a job or moved into a new home? It’s like getting a fresh start, walking into a new dream, a new reality. You escape the old and step into the new.

When we get trapped by past memories of pain, or failure, or suffering, we can get locked into a type of old horror film. Imagine being trapped in an endless film loop of pain. The mind flashes old images that we want to forget. Unwanted emotions are dumped onto us, and we can feel helplessly overwhelmed by it all.

But the truth is, every day there is a NEW you. In fact, every moment you ARE new. You CAN make changes. You CAN challenge worry and win. You CAN bring the fears that haunt you into the light and heal them until they dissolve. You CAN break free. I did. I stopped identifying with my fears and worries. It took some work and time, but it IS doable.

Your mind may rant about past regrets or future concerns, but every moment you are free to enter into the new with new thoughts, actions, attitudes, and perceptions.

You are the writer, director, and actor of your life film. How would you like it to play out? How would your favorite hero handle your challenges? You CAN be that person. You can WIN. You ALWAYS have the power to act as a new person and change your circumstances. There is a way to write a new chapter in your life right now and find true inner peace.

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Welcome to my blog. I am a transformation coach, intuitive counselor, and spiritual development teacher, who is passionate about helping you to live joyfully and actualize your potential.


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