Reading the Air to Transform Anxiety

How do you respond when panic hits? How do you interpret what the mind says to you when worried? What is this relationship really about?

There is a concept in Japan called, “Reading the air”. It’s acting according to the unspoken rules governing social life. In Japan, you need to account for a lot of contexts; what is your environment? Who are you speaking to and how can you be indirect?

For example, if someone in Japan says to you, “You have a nice watch,” it may not be a compliment they’re giving you. It may be a message. What they’re really communicating is, “Let’s wrap up this conversation…”

In such an etiquette bound culture as Japan misreading the air can sink a business deal, strain a relationship, or cause offense when none is meant. Pause for a second. Think of how you relate to your own mind. When it screams, “Watch out, be afraid!” What is it really saying to you? It could be a number of things… “I AM anxious” or “I FEEL I am in danger” or “I HAVE an unmet need”

Can you see how misunderstanding your mind can prolong the worry? Say you are upset and pop a med to relax. Fine. But what if your tension was screaming, “I need downtime!” A pill won’t truly fill that need. If you can’t sleep well, getting a better pillow or a mattress, or a cooler room, may not be the answer.

What if there are specific issues you’re avoiding? This happened to me years ago. I had never taken sleeping pills in my life. But for about a month, I was under heavy stress. To be honest, I was avoiding a problem. I tried to rationalize it. I went to great lengths to put it out of my mind but no luck. So for a few nights I took sleeping pills. I didn’t like them. In the end, I had to face the real issue. I read the air of what my mind was saying. I then listened to it and acted and then I slept just fine.

When clients come to me I offer all sorts of tools. These calm the mind, clear the emotions, and so on. But I also look at the person I am dealing with to see what else is going on… I see every client as really three people. Part 1 is the ego – the “I,” Part 2 is the mind – the person’s patterns and, Part 3 is the personality – their unique traits.

I have to read the air. The client’s ego has needs that differ, let’s say, from the personality or the mind. I have to speak to each part in a kind of dance. That’s the best way to help them and this is what you are asked to do as well.

Luckily, you can learn to read the air of your being. You can quickly interpret what’s really going on and respond in ways that bring inner peace. Some days I need to help someone change a belief, other days all I really need to do is just listen and offer support without changing anything. I see that each person is perfect, and my job is to remind them of that as we read the air.

Hi, Egan Sanders

Welcome to my blog. I am a transformation coach, intuitive counselor, and spiritual development teacher, who is passionate about helping you to live joyfully and actualize your potential.


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