Worry and Compassion

Are you hard on yourself when you experience worry? Do you judge yourself for feeling fear? When you are anxious do you tighten up?

It’s easy to crumble under stress. You can lose your wellbeing. You can lose your sense of power. You can even end up becoming jaded and harsh with yourself and others.

Worry is like acid; it often burns and damages when applied to our lives. We can feel less compassionate with ourselves, and others can seem to be less loving with us.

When stressed, the world may seem like a cold place… But I think that when the chips are down, or life seems dark and troubling, it can be a call for compassion, for everyone.

At 19 I started working on Wall Street. When the Christmas season came, I noticed the Salvation Army collectors. They were on every street corner.

So, I took up a collection of change at my job to donate. My coworkers in my office gave generously.

It was raining on the day I decided to drop off the coins. I approached a collector draped in a heavy raincoat and hat. He was getting drenched in the bitter cold. Freezing water covered his face. The attacking rain was seeping into any open area it could access.

This guy was totally committed to his job, though. He valiantly tried to ward off the harsh waves of raindrops, while steadily ringing his hand bell with all the gusto he could muster. I thought to himself, “This poor guy has an awful gig. He looks so cold and miserable!”

So, I first went and got him a hot chocolate. When I ambled over to his post I handed him the hot drink and then dumped all the change into the collection bucket. His face lit up and he thanked me, and I thanked him back for all his hard work.  I then returned to my own warm, dry, light-filled office.

I’m not a saint, but I knew this guy needed a little boost.  I’ve received many myself. When I was in first grade I had trouble reading. They assigned a teacher’s aide to me and caught me up. It made a world of difference. Where would I be without that kindness?

There are many more I could mention. And, all the times I had anger with people who were unkind to me, or just straight up weird, were outmatched by many more who were loving, sane, generous, and supportive. It was healing to get help when I needed it.

I’ve noticed that when worry hits it can create grumpiness. We can feel out of sorts. It makes it a little harder to soften, to relax and be compassionate with ourselves. We can also be tempted to take it out on other people. But that’s the time to bring out the compassion – when things are tough.

Give yourself the hot chocolate. Cut yourself some slack. Be kind when you are doing your best. When worries seem to be everywhere, love and compassion are in supply as well. Look for it. Give it. Receive it.

Hi, Egan Sanders

Welcome to my blog. I am a transformation coach, intuitive counselor, and spiritual development teacher, who is passionate about helping you to live joyfully and actualize your potential.


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