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The Magic Box



A Timeless Story of Attracting your Heart’s Desire

The Magic Box is a rich story filled with wonder and delight. It is an inspiring parable for readers of all ages that sheds light on the mysterious process of how our deepest desires come into being.
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Attract it!



The Fun Law of Attraction Board Game

Play Your Way to Success by Becoming Magnetic to Your Goals.
You are a magnet. You attract into your life whatever you focus upon. That’s the Law of Attraction! Every moment, you are automatically attracting people, things, and situations into your life. [Read More]

Fourth Density Abundance Guide


Deservability, Excitement & Unconditional Abundance

This abundance guide was compiled from channeled sessions recorded from 1989 – 1996 by an anonymous teacher, who lived in a future society where lack was unknown. Fourth Density is realizing that your reality comes from you. [Read More]

Advanced Manifesting with Light


What if you had the power to create whatever you desired?

Wonderful and miraculous events can occur when you first work at an energy level before taking action in the outer world. When you manifest with light whatever comes to you is deeply fulfilling and even more than you could have even thought to ask for.
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Fourth Density Healing Guide


Mindfulness, Reality Creation And Your Body Symbol

Fourth Density healing is realizing that your physical body is a symbol that exists within your consciousness. As you transform your consciousness, your body transforms. This guide helps you to heal yourself by introducing concepts and effective techniques. [Read More]

The Rascals Guide to Enlightenment


Your ultimate guide to laughing your way to enlightenment!

Tired of shelling out endless amounts of money in your quest for personal and spiritual growth? (Except for Egan Sanders, of course, he’s worth every penny!) How about becoming enlightened on a budget? The tips in The Rascal’s Guide to Enlightenment will propel you to a whole new level of self-awareness. [Read More]

Being Energetically Clear


What if you could step into future?

Your current life was once a future life in a past life. What would it be like to step forward in time and tap into the wisdom of a future self? What if that knowledge could empower you now in this life?
As souls we incarnate many times. Each life is an opportunity to explore a unique perspective, time period and physical form.
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How to Grow Younger by Tapping Into the Fountain of Youth


What if there was a Natural Fountain of Youth within you?

Current mainstream thinking is that human aging flows only in one direction. It’s generally accepted that every day a person grows weaker and older due to the passage of time. While drugs or other therapies may slow down the process, it is seen as inevitable. [Read More]

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