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Energy Clearing Session

Get the support to clear your mind and emotions of energies, thoughts and feelings that are weighing you down. Be free… Many of the energies you carry are not yours. You can learn to identify these and release them. Egan will scan and comb through your energy fields so that your true self can shine through.


Let’s Clear Your Mind…

Do you feel blocked or trapped by fear, worry or self-doubt?

Does your mind feel cluttered?

Are your emotions heavy, scattered, or inconsistent?

Do you feel physically drained or off?

Is it hard for you to think in higher and more expansive ways?

Do you feel trapped by thoughts that create fear or worry?

What if there was an easy way to clear your energy and then consistently keep it clear?

Here are the Facts of Energy Clearing

It’s quite normal to feel unsettled by the chaotic energies circulating in the world right now.

However they do not have to interfere with your life or peace of mind.

You have a choice.

You can let yourself be controlled by the outer world and get trapped in energies, ideas, feelings, and realities that bring you down, or you can align with your own inner being and consciously live in energies that uplift, inspire, and empower you.

The choice is yours.

As a psychically open and highly sensitive person, I spent many years suffering from a wide variety of unsettling energies and experiences.

For my own sanity I had to become an expert on clearing energy. Once I did it became easy to enjoy life more as a clear and free being. You can do the same.

What happens in an Energy Clearing Session?

My goal is to give you the support to clear your mind and emotions of energies, thoughts and feelings that are weighing you down. Why not be free?

Many of the energies you carry are not yours. I will help you to identify these and release them.

With your permission, I will first “wear” your energy aura to get a sense of what is going on in all of your energy fields.

I then help you to clear any energies that do not serve you. After my scan I will comb through and purify the fields of your aura so that your true self can shine through. Your clear energy will then be grounded.

In addition, we can also choose something specific in your life to clear:

  • Your Environment
  • A Relationship
  • A Recurring Emotion
  • Traumatic Past Experiences
  • Regrets from the past or anxiety about a future event
  • A Stuck Place
  • Confusion around a decision you need to make
  • Or something else needing attention

After the clearing I will also review with you some simple tools to keep your own energy clear on an ongoing basis as well. I call it spiritual hygiene.

You can then learn how to recognize when you are not clear, and how to shift the energies to get clear. You can learn how to stay in a clear state and maintain connected with your True Self, unaffected by the energies you are around.

This clear state helps you to better connect with your inner guidance that reveals your highest choices, decisions, and paths in every situation.

What shakes out of your aura, your mind, your emotions, and your chakras during this? Anything and everything…

It’s different for each person.

  • You might be carrying the energy of another person
  • You might be stuck in a past life pattern that has carried over to the current one
  • You might be plugged into the mass consciousness in a way that is draining you
  • You may have a belief that is harmful and needs to be identified
  • You may have an entity attachment
  • Discordant psychic energies
  • Negative patterns and programs…

The list goes on and on, but as we focus the light on you what does not belong can be detected and transformed.

What Distorts your Life Energies?

  • Your restless Ego mind
  • Your physical reality and how you interpret it
  • Impersonal energies of the mass consciousness of humanity that circulate throughout the planet
  • Social Media
  • Mental Distraction
  • Energy Vampires
  • Challenging Relationships
  • Physical health or environment

We are living in a period of rapid cultural, social, and technological change. If you don’t bring a higher level of awareness to your life, limiting energies can disrupt your mental and emotional well-being.

Benefits of Energy Clearing

  • Know your true identity and experience your spiritual power.
  • Feel courage and confidence shining through you, making it easier to move forward.
  • Feel good about yourself – more joyful, insightful, inspired, focused, confident, grounded, and optimistic.
  • Opens the way for your highest good to come about and the highest outcome to reveal itself in every area of your life.
  • Living in alignment with the truth of your being.
  • Experience more inner strength, confidence, wisdom, and clarity.
  • Knowing what actions to take and words to say that are in harmony with your true Self, and with all life.
  • Knowing what to do in any situation to create the highest outcome.
  • More joy, peace, insights, inspiration, and clear thinking.
  • Being untouched and unaffected by the discordant energies around you

What if you realized that the energies that drag you down are not real and that they have no power?

They can easily be released.

These energies no longer need to define or control you. You can be free, clear, and true to your Soul.

You can have dominion over what energies you allow into your consciousness.

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“This past week I had two very good consultations, a profitable workshop yesterday and an invitation to come and present a class for a massage therapist meeting where they offered to pay me $50 an hour! Thank you Egan for working with me and helping me to receive.”

Hockley, TX

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