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Transformation Events

I have offered talks and classes on personal and spiritual growth since 1994. Most are now presented online.

Future Events Are Currently Being Planned

Past Events: 

  • How to Access Alternate Lives
  • How to Access Past Life Memories
  • How to Access Future Life Memories
  • Starseeds Ascending into Ecstasy  
  • Spiritual Bypassing: Working with the Shadow
  • Increasing your Telepathic Connection with Guides and Masters
  • Advanced Clearing and Purification
  • Advanced Manifesting With Light
  • Attracting a Soulmate Relationship
  • How to Grow Younger by Tapping Into the Fountain of Youth
  • How to Create Your Ideal Life and Highest Reality
  • How to Navigate the World as a Highly Sensitive Person
  • Fourth Density Self-Healing
  • How to Master the Law of Attraction
  • Being Energetically Clear in a Chaotic World

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