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4D Healing Session

This is a psychosomatic approach to healing that I learned from a mentor to heal my own body and mind. Together we take a deep look at your own physical body as a symbol that can be transformed by going to the root cause. Explore the power of beliefs, emotions, and self-awareness to shift your perspective into wholeness, well-being and radiant health.


Are you willing to let go of pain?

What if all pain – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical was the product of resistance?

And because your body was just a symbol it was within your ability to create perfect health and well-being?

Third Density Healing is seeing yourself just as a physical body-machine that needs doctors, pills, and a great deal of help to function.

Fourth Density Healing is the holistic knowing that your physical body is a symbol that exists within your consciousness.

When you examine the messages your body is giving you, you can identify your limiting beliefs and patterns, then you have the true power to transform your consciousness.

As you shift your consciousness your body transforms.

I shifted into good health after learning Fourth Density Healing. I wanted to let go pain and resistance and my relationship with it.

I was extensively mentored in this approach after I ran through many other healers during a prolonged period of ill health caused by my emotions.

Creating your body is one way we create our reality. I wanted to recreate my body. I wanted to let go of my pain and resistance.

What Happens in a Fourth Density Healing Session?

  • I scan your body and energy field
  • You share your health “Story” of why your body is the way it is
  • We look at the symbols, the beliefs and the patterns around any health issue
  • We create a healing space for it to then transform

Principles from a Fourth Density perspective:

  • All pain: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical is the product of resistance. Dis-ease represents a symbolic message you’re attempting to deliver to yourself.
  • Your consciousness does not exist within your physical body. Your physical body is a symbol that exists within your consciousness.
  • The present is not a result of the past. Your body recreates itself every moment.
  • As you identify your beliefs and transform your consciousness, your body symbol transforms.
  • Healing can happen through any external healing symbol you accept.
  • Every person, through persistence and clear intention, has the potential ability to heal themselves.

So, are you truly willing to let go of the things that weaken you or lead to ill health?

Please note: I do not offer medical advice. This type of healing approach is holistic. It is not a substitute for any care you are receiving from a standard or alternative health care professional.

I learned this method from direct experience. Many years ago while extremely ill I ran through a gamut of healers until I saw the futility of it. There was something new for me to learn. One path closed and another opened up.

I later realized I was avoiding my emotions. I wanted someone else to fix me without really changing myself. I wanted a short cut. I didn’t trust myself or my own healing power.

Isn’t it funny that whenever you go see a doctor they run tests but never ask what you are feeling or thinking?

The medicine of the future will embrace all aspects of your being in relation to your physical health. It is all interconnected.

I encourage you to continue with any healing tools and approaches that align with your belief system.

There has been a lot of research that confirms the psychosomatic/psychogenic nature of illnesses such as the work of Dr. John Sarno or Ellen Langer and her Counterclockwise study.

I tell everyone to do what works for you.

But if you feel stuck in a health condition or pattern, I am here to offer a Fourth Density perspective to allow you to shift into a state of balance and wellbeing.

It will require a heightened mindfulness of your body, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs to access your full reality creation power to heal. It can be easy if you allow it to be.

Our sessions are a psychosomatic approach to healing. Together we take a deep look at your own physical body as a symbol that can be transformed by going to the root cause and listening to the messages your body is delivering to you through any illness.

What new possibilities might open up if you knew your body was actually within your consciousness and could be easily changed/healed?

Are you ready to explore the power of beliefs, emotions, and self-awareness to shift your perspective into wholeness, well-being, and radiant health?

Are you willing to stop resisting pain and transform it instead?

What if your condition was actually helping you to pay attention in order to return back into a state of natural wholeness?

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“I wanted to be sure to thank you for our session. Your ability to help me find the words to describe my feelings allowed me greater clarity. This in turn helped me to resolve my dilemmas and move forward once and for all in my life. I was confused. Your techniques guided me to go deeper into what I was truly feeling. By shining light on these areas, I was able to make better, healthier, and more grounded decisions vs. my previous tendencies to make decisions emotionally, which didn’t always result in happiness for me or for anyone else. Thank you again. It was a pleasure to work with you. Your knowledge in the field of human emotions, thoughts and actions coupled with your incredible intuition and insight are what this world needs more of!”
K. J.

Miami, FL

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