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Master the Law of Attraction: Your Surefire Path to Manifesting the Life You Desire

You’ll Discover the Keys to:
  • Eliminate self-doubt and stress, effortlessly manifesting your desires. Feel empowered as you tap into your creative power.
  • Stay centered in a high-energy state that magnetizes you to your goals, regardless of challenges or external circumstances.
  • Uncover the 3 biggest misconceptions about the Law of Attraction that hinder progress and delay manifestation.
  • Control negative thoughts without being superhuman. Discover a simple and effective method for swift manifestation.

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About Egan Sanders

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Egan Sanders is transformation coach, intuitive counselor, and spiritual development teacher who helps people worldwide to manifest their dreams and actualize their potential. Egan is the author of the books, The Magic Box and The Rascals Guide to Enlightenment. He is also the creator of Attract It! The Law of Attraction board game. With extensive media exposure, Egan has been a featured guest on notable radio and TV shows, including appearances on NBC affiliate KSAN TV and CBS affiliate KLST TV in San Angelo, TX (among others) and has appeared in several publications including Natural Awakenings, Inner Self magazine and Indigo Sun.

“I attracted it! In the game my statement had to do with attracting my dream home. I JUST SIGNED THE LEASE! It has a great roommate, a beautiful view, close location to work and a CAT. I have been so grateful. Each day I have a moment when I can’t believe my life and that this happened and then I thank myself for attracting it. I think I picked all the right cards and they played out incredibly. I am so happy. Thank you for helping me attract it!”

Aliya Cohen

Boulder, CO

“Egan, thank you for presenting a powerful workshop. I left with the thought “life is so easy, just live it as so”. Thank you for sharing yourself so generously with Unity Center Church.”

Rev. Molly Rockey

Thousand Oaks, CA, Unity Center Church

“I wanted to be sure to thank you for our session. I was confused. Your techniques guided me to go deeper into what I was truly feeling. By shining light on these areas, I was able to make better, healthier, and more grounded decisions vs. my previous tendencies to make decisions emotionally, which didn’t always result in happiness. Thank you again. It was a pleasure to work with you. Your knowledge in the field of human emotions, thoughts and actions coupled with your incredible intuition and insight are what this world needs more of!”

Kelly Jones

Miami, FL

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