Myths and Truths of Reality Creation: Part 2

One of the appealing aspects of the Reality Creation concept is that we have freewill. Instead of being indentured servants to the world or circumstances we exist in, we are told we are endowed with the ability to transcend fate and conditions. 

An important question arises when considering our destiny and/or fate; do we want to change our fate, or do we want to experience playing it out? Do our circumstances – even dire ones – actually have a purpose in the long-term or should we focus on short-term changes and appearances?

Take the case of Peter J. Gray, the one-armed professional baseball player who made it all the way to the major leagues despite a childhood accident that left him with only one arm. Pete’s passion for baseball compelled him to learn to bat and field one-handed. As a child he began to train himself to be as effective as any two-armed player. He did what seemed impossible! Pete could field baseballs by catching them, rapidly removing his glove, and then transferring the ball to his hand in one motion so he could throw.

Despite doubts from many people, Pete got into the minor leagues and played so well that in 1945 he made it all the way to the major leagues to play for the Detroit Tigers. Imagine a one-armed man actually beating out two-armed men to play professional baseball!

Pete inspired many servicemen who had returned disabled from their tours of duty in World War II. He took time to visit them in army hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Pete’s message was simple and direct; regardless of physical impairments there were ways to continue living productive lives. Pete’s glove is now displayed in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York.

One of the more esoteric ideas that Reality Creation enthusiasts are often unaware of are soul agreements. A soul agreement is when you as a soul plan out in advance certain events to transpire when you reincarnate on Earth. We can make soul agreements to be born into certain families, specific geographic areas, or even to experience hardships to evolve and grow wiser. Yes, Pete Gray could have planned to create a reality where he could regrow his missing arm by some miraculous power, but maybe he had purposely planned all of this to happen before being born to learn about persistence or some other quality?

So much of Reality Creation is focused on material objects, about getting something instead of learning something. What other myths and misperceptions might we be making about our power to create our lives? 

1. Myth: Negative Thinking is Taboo and Should Be Avoided at All Costs

Have you ever tried to think only positive, loving, happy thoughts? Many Reality Creation teachings insist that you must only focus on good thoughts, images, and feelings to get what you want. Could it be that negative reactions, feelings and thoughts are there for a reason and can actually be helpful? Is it okay to think “bad” things? Yes, it is okay. Expression of the negative via thought or image can be a release valve for built up energy. It can also be a helpful feedback system telling you to look deeper. 

Instead of dodging or avoiding negative feelings like some horrible plague, talk to them and ask, what is the message? What are my beliefs? Are these thoughts and feelings real? When you do that you create mastery and awareness, and they tend to pass more quickly. Avoidance or denial of the negative slows things down. Negativity is a creation as well. Let’s honor all of our creations by using them for growth instead of discarding them. They are there for a reason and can help us get what we want, not hinder us.

2. Myth: You Are What You Create

Like the old adage, “You are what you Eat” your outer reality and circumstances do reflect your inner world, but they do not define you. There is no need to judge yourself for what you have created or have not created. Let go of ego reinforcement. You are not your creations. You are an infinite being. The ocean does not think of itself as a bottle of water if someone scoops up a cup of water from the ocean. It knows it is much bigger than any container. 

In the mad rush to improve yourself, get new things, or become something bigger, remember that you are already big. If you do not get the new car, job, soul mate, etc, you are still a divine being. That never changes. The material world is a reflection which fluctuates with your focus. Don’t give it so much power. One day you will wake up and realize that you were the immense ocean, not a small bottle of water. You are not your creations – you are the creator of your life engaged in an experiment. 

3. Myth: Now is the Point of Creative Power

At any moment you can change your fate. Your next action, your next words – what you do and what you choose to refrain from doing – can all change your entire life. There is power in the now moment, but sometimes new actions seem to be overridden. It is as if at times you are changing your course, but no matter how hard you try, you are stopped, diverted, and redirected back onto a course that you do not prefer – at least for the moment? 

Are there agreements that you made? Instead of thinking you are unable to create what you want or unworthy, ask yourself, “Do I have any soul agreements that might be preventing me from manifesting what I want?” You can ask and receive, but sometimes there is a reason you do not receive what you want or get it when you want it. 

4. Myth: Humanity is ready to live in Abundance

There is so much talk in Reality Creation circles about experiencing complete fulfillment, financial abundance, and unlimited love that few stop to ask a very basic and important question. Are you mentally and emotionally able to receive such a level of abundance? It all sounds good, but to truly step out of lifetimes of living in a mindset of lack, limits and sacrifice requires deep internal change. It’s like taking a man out of a prison for 20 years; does he remember how to be free? 

It might be more practical to realize that as we master technology we can achieve and realize greater comfort and prosperity personally and globally and that an adjustment period is reasonable. Some things take time. Affirmations, intentions, prayers, and goals are good blueprints, but what fleshes them out is inner change, new actions, and emotional acceptance. Most human beings believe in lack. Much of the drive for prosperity is actually due to fear of lack of abundance. When humanity understands that they are truly infinite, and that infinite abundance is the norm then we will collectively see a world of abundance manifested in all its glory.

Examining myths can unearth the truth. By questioning the finer points of Reality Creation concepts, we actually enable ourselves to fully realize our creative power. Look deeper to go further.

Hi, Egan Sanders

Welcome to my blog. I am a transformation coach, intuitive counselor, and spiritual development teacher, who is passionate about helping you to live joyfully and actualize your potential.

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  1. Em

    Egan, I just read your 4 articles. Very enlightening, and I truly resonate with your ideas and the concepts you shared. Thank you for the stories, advice, and wisdom. 🙏🩵


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