Intuitive Life Coaching

Transform a particular concern or life area (i.e. relationships, prosperity/career, overcoming a specific fear, getting unstuck, finding solutions to a past/present conflict, creating more joy in your life, or making an important decision) or can be used as a more general life “tune-up.”

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What to expect…

In each session, I guide you to connect with your own inner wisdom, power, and goals. In a safe, supportive, and loving space, we will work at many levels to release and clear any beliefs, patterns or fears that may be keeping you from being your most resourceful self. This creates new pathways and possibilities for living the life you choose.

An individual session can focus on a particular concern or life area

  • Relationships
  • Prosperity/career
  • Overcoming a specific fear
  • Getting unstuck
  • Finding solutions to a past/present conflict
  • Spiritual growth
  • Creating more joy in your life
  • Making an important decision
  • General life “tune-up”
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How to know if you can benefit from our working together

  • You feel stuck or something is “off” in some life area
  • Your approach to dealing with problems is not working
  • You take responsibility for your life, what happens in it, and your ability to change it
  • You are willing to honestly look at your challenges
  • You are open to change to create the life that you want

Potential benefits of working together

  • Get the loving support and practical tools you need to make lasting changes
  • Be in a space of clarity, harmony, and light that uplifts you
  • Understand how you create your life and how to make long term changes
  • Gain clarity about issues
  • Experience deeper inner peace and well being
  • Set intentions and create an effective action plan
  • Release thoughts, emotions and habits that are no longer beneficial

10 focus points

What I Offer

As your coach, etc etc..

1. Clarity

I will use the power of clarity to assist you in creating what you want.

2. Clearing

I will show you how to let go of pain, fear, and confusion so you can move into a brighter reality.

3. Compassion
I will accept you for who you are right now and who you will become. You are always perfect.
4. Empowerment
I will help you to have direct experiences of your own power.
5. Humor

I will make you laugh. I know when to be serious and when it’s helpful to be lighthearted.

6. Inspiration

I will remind you that you are an infinite being with unlimited potential and much bigger than any challenge or circumstances you may encounter.

7. Support
I will support you where you are right now and every step of the way. I can also help you to see all the opportunities for you to gain more insight, power, clarity, and inner peace.
8. Tools
I will offer you many tools for you to shift your perspective and manifest what you prefer.
9. Transformation
I will act as a catalyst for whatever positive change you desire to make. All things can be changed.
10. Truth
I will communicate honestly and directly in order to help you make the changes you want. Speaking the truth honors us both and saves time and energy.

Let’s Talk

Are you ready to experience insight, support, and rapid transformation now?

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Step by step

The Transformation Process

Individual Transformation Coaching Sessions are done via Zoom or telephone. Our one-on-one sessions are 60 minutes and generally have three parts to them.




Identification: We talk about the areas you desire to work on and then begin with the most important issue.


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Exploration: Together, we work on an experiential/intuitive level to shift your patterns and find answers. This may involve guided meditation, examining your beliefs, emotional clearing or dialoguing.


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Action: I then work with you to find practical ways to integrate the insights and empowerment you gained from your inner exploration into your daily life.

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What Others Say


“I have been working with Egan for over 10 years now as a client and I can honestly say he may be one of the most talented coaches I have ever met. His coaching and mentorship have sincerely had a profound impact on my life and spiritual development. When I first began working with him, I was confronting major challenges in my life in academics, employment, and relationships. I had control issues and expected everything to turn out in a very certain way, my way. Egan helped me to focus my energy, release negative feelings I had no idea even existed, and essentially learn to be at peace in an uncertain world where controlling the outcome was not necessary for happiness.

Thanks to him, I realized the only thing we can control in our life is ourselves and often times we must go with the flow of the universe making gentle adjustments that ultimately bring us exactly where we were always supposed to be. He is a very patient and honest individual who has a keen talent to hone in on someone’s emotions and deepest inner feelings within seconds. It’s almost as if he can completely understand someone within moments of meeting them. He will tell you exactly what you need to know even if it may not be exactly what you want to hear and help you to understand your situation. Whether it’s recovering from a loss, making the most of an unexpected blessing, or simply just trying to find your place in the universe, Egan is absolutely the sincere, honest, and genuine mentor that can help you reach your goals.”



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A Variety of Transformation Tools

A Transformation coaching session can be a one-time experience for you or you can do Transformation Coaching on a regular basis for deeper results.

To help you move out of the energy of feeling “stuck” and into a clear space, we will utilize a variety of tools:

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  • Intentions and goal setting to identify where you are now and what you want to change
  • Guided imagery meditations to help you tap into deeper levels of your mind and soul, receive insights or clear energy
  • Dialoguing
  • Examining and changing your limiting beliefs
  • Exercises to release and let go of energies and patterns that no longer serve you
  • Tools you can use on a daily basis tailored to your circumstances and needs that will support long-lasting, positive change
  • Action plans to help you to live your life purpose and develop practical ways for achieving your goals and dreams
  • In addition to the above, I will use all of my psychic channels to further counsel, guide and support you. This can mean looking into your past lives, future probabilities, scanning your chakras and aura/human energy field and/or communicating with your Higher Self, Soul, and/or Guides
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awaken and balance your mind

Benefits of In-Depth Coaching

If you are looking to change one or more areas of life it can be done. Are you willing to receive the full depth and breadth of what I have to offer from over 30 years of my own inner and outer journey?

Deep and long-lasting change requires commitment and work. I have a great deal of experience, wisdom, and guidance to share. I am here to pass this on to you. You can rise higher in life.

Are you ready to:

  • Receive new insights?
  • Ground new habits?
  • Take a quantum leap?
  • Fulfill your potential?

Let's Talk

Are you ready to experience insight, support, and rapid transformation now?

If you are interested in discussing how we can work together, click on the button below to schedule your FREE 15 minute conversation for new clients.