Fourth Density Abundance Guide


Length: 89 Pages
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Product Number: FDA101


Deservability, Excitement & Unconditional Abundance

This abundance guide was compiled from channeled sessions recorded from 1989 – 1996 by an anonymous teacher, who lived in a future society where lack was unknown. Fourth Density is realizing that your reality comes from you.

This guide helps you to create abundance in your own life by introducing concepts and effective techniques based on the ideas that:

  • You are already abundant. You already have what you need when you need to have it.
  • You deserve to create a life of joy and ecstasy because you exist.
  • You are always unconditionally loved.
  • Following your excitement automatically attracts complete support from the universe.
  • You can manifest any intention with clear deservability, definitions, desire, and actions.
  • Money is a neutral symbol. Abundance can come in many ways. Money is just one symbol.