Fourth Density Self-Healing


Type: Audio Course
Length: Approximately 2 hours
Downloads: Audio, PDF Booklet
Product Number: FDS101

What if you Could Easily Heal or Change your Body?

Is your physical body just a symbol? Can it be transformed by listening to the messages it delivers to you? What new possibilities might open up if you knew your body was actually within your consciousness?

Third Density is believing that you are just a limited human being, trapped in a physical body, and stuck in linear time. Fourth Density Self-Healing is exploring the possibility that you create your reality and physical body moment to moment.

In this course you will transform beliefs, emotion and stories around health and aging and raise your awareness of your natural healing power. Explore the power of beliefs, emotions, self-awareness, and the symbolic nature of your physical body. Immediately apply tools through meditation and exercises to shift your perspective into wholeness, well-being, and radiant health. The PDF booklet for this course also includes a summary of the Fourth Density Self-Healing beliefs and healing questions.

Course Contents:
Program 1 Course Introduction
Experience a short meditation and examine your story and beliefs around health conditions you are looking to transform.

Program 2 What is Fourth Density Healing?
Fourth Density healing is defined, and the four laws of existence are explained.

Program 3 Adventures in Healing
Egan shares health challenges and healing experiences that eventually forced him to look more deeply at subconscious causes.

Program 4 Changing your Healing Paradigm
Get background information on psychosomatic medicine and spontaneous healing. Learn how changing your perspective, exploring pain and resistance, and taking 100% responsibility for your body can lead to healing.

Program 5 What is Healing Really?
Explore your unique healing beliefs and symbols, and the importance of facing the roots of resistance and pain. Decipher the clues of health conditions.

Program 6 The Importance of Beliefs
Learn how beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions create your reality and body. Free yourself by becoming more conscious of your beliefs and understanding the stages of healing mastery.

Program 7 How to Explore Your Beliefs
See the importance of approaching hidden beliefs with a sense of adventure and curiosity. Retroactive recreation is explained. Practice an exercise to become aware of the somatic response to your mind.

Program 8 The Healing Questions
Work with Fourth Density healing beliefs and healing questions. The effect of the ego, the echo and impersonal energies on your well-being are explained as well as the difference between shielding versus transparency.

Program 9 The Blue Bubble
Prepare to work with the blue bubble symbol to heal yourself.

Program 10 Blue Bubble Meditation
Experience a guided healing meditation to return your body back to perfect health.

Disclaimer: This course is a metaphysical perspective on food, diet, aging, exercise, health, and healing. It is not being offered as medical advice. It is not a substitute for any care you are receiving from a standard or alternative health care professional. This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

What people have to say about the Fourth Density Self-Healing Course

“Egan did a wonderful job of engaging listeners with his personal anecdotes. The idea that much of our medical experience with doctors has been limited to just our physical symptoms without looking at our day-to-day experiences including our mental health and how that affects our overall well-being was very insightful. Not only were these new insights transformative, but I also enjoyed Egan’s humor and lightheartedness. I had recently sprained an ankle and I immediately felt relief after listening to the healing meditations. They uplifted my spirit and just gave me an overall sense of well-being.”
-Michelle Rush


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About Egan Sanders
Intuitive counselor, coach, and spiritual development teacher, Egan Sanders, has used the tools presented in this course to rejuvenate and youthen his own body and heal injuries.

Egan was born with intuitive abilities which allow him to deeply tune into people and create a space for rapid emotional healing, clearing and positive change. He has worked with thousands of people throughout the United States and internationally. With his fun, humorous, energetic, insightful style, Egan is an inspiring and yet down to earth guide for people wanting to understand themselves, grow personally and spiritually, and move forward in life. As an accomplished teacher, coach, and counselor, he is also a great resource for advanced souls looking to reach their next level of spiritual evolution.

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