How to Access Alternate Lives


Type: Audio Course
Length: Approximately 2.5 hours
Downloads: Audio, PDF Booklet
Product Number: AAL101

Are you Ready to Explore the Field of Infinite Possibilities?

You are an alternate self, to all your alternate selves living in other alternate realities and vice versa. What if you could meet, learn, and grow from these different versions of yourself?

Quantum mechanics reveals that multiple states of existence are all possible at the same time for a single particle. In the multiverse concept our universe is just one of many that exist. It’s as if you could look into endless mirrors and see your reflection into infinity. This is the field of your own infinite being.

This course offers a supportive and loving space through instruction, exercises, and meditations to help you to reality shift by accessing your own alternate lives.


Course Contents:
Program 1 Introduction
Begin the process of opening up to a greater awareness of alternate realities.

Program 2 Many Worlds Meditation
Expand your awareness of yourself, your environment, invisible energies, other dimensions, and the multiverse of infinite earths.

Program 3 The Multiverse in Popular Culture
Learn how elements of the multiverse concept became popularized in our culture over time. See the connection between the Law of Attraction and alternate lives.

Program 4 More Manifestations of Alternate Realities
Discover the impact of alternate realities on products, lifestyles, technology and the social media trend of Reality Shifting. Learn the difference between maladaptive daydreaming and moving into the reality you prefer.

Program 5 Multidimensional Mechanics
Understand the science of alternate realities. Practice shifting into an alternate self by changing your emotions. Consider additional theories about alternate realities.

Program 6 Alternate Self Meditation
Enter the field of infinite possibilities and blend with an alternate self. Gain the new consciousness, skills, abilities, or mental attitudes to shift an area of your life.

Program 7 Working with Alternate Selves
Get tips on the process, possibilities, challenges and aftereffects of attuning to alternate selves.

Program 8 The Journey of Exploring Alternate Lives
Become aware of false ideas about alternate lives, common experiences when exploring them, and ways your new awareness may be reflected in your reality.

Program 9 The Mechanics of Changing Your Life and Reality
Learn about the expansion ladder and pathways to create your reality or transform yourself.

Program 10 Alternate Life Experiments
Understand how interacting with alternate selves impacts your beliefs, emotions and reality, and how to integrate the experiences of exploring alternate lives.

What people have to say about the How to Access Alternate Lives

“Absolutely amazing. Thank you, Egan, for your beautiful spirit and knowledge to help us transform ourselves. Many blessings from all the aspects of me.”
- Deb C.

“I took Egan's Alternate Lives course, and all I can say is, wow! I loved it. If you have ever wondered or thought about a deeper reality, or enjoy sci-fi, you should take it too. Egan has done a masterful job of putting it together. Although I’ve had many dreams and seen alternate realities of myself, this course helped me to get even more in touch with my own abilities. Once you start to realize you have alternate lives in alternate realities, you will enjoy a new beginning in your own life.”
- Danny B.

"Egan's created a very unique course that can help you work through the concepts of the multiverse and parallel selves. Each program within the course offered profound insights and practical tools that can significantly expand your awareness and understanding of alternate realities. Egan has spent his life studying different traditions and his mastery of the concepts is rooted in true experiential understanding. If you really want to understand the mechanics of how these multiverses work and practically apply this to your everyday life, I wouldn't miss the chance to take this course and experience it for yourself!"
-Arcady D.

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About Egan Sanders
Egan Sanders is an intuitive counselor, coach, and spiritual development teacher. He has worked with thousands of people since 1990 and taught throughout the United States and internationally. Egan was born with intuitive abilities and has always been able to empathically experience the thoughts, images, and feelings of other people. This allows Egan to tune into and deeply understand a person and create a space for rapid emotional healing, clearing and positive change.

With his fun, energetic, insightful style, Egan is an inspiring and yet down to earth guide for people wanting to understand themselves, grow personally and spiritually, and move forward in life. As an accomplished teacher, coach, and counselor, he is also a great resource for advanced souls looking to reach their next level of spiritual evolution.


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