How to Grow Younger by Tapping Into the Fountain of Youth


Type: Audio Course
Length: Approximately 2 hours
Downloads: Audio, PDF Booklet
Product Number: TFY101

What if there was a Natural Fountain of Youth within you?

Current mainstream thinking is that human aging flows only in one direction. It’s generally accepted that every day a person grows weaker and older due to the passage of time. While drugs or other therapies may slow down the process, it is seen as inevitable. But what if this was not the case?

We are heading into an exciting age of human development unlike any before as new research on the human body clock shows that we can speed up or reverse the aging of cells. In this course you will learn how to transform your own body through simple practices and attitudes that slow the aging process. You can tap into unlimited physical strength, vitality, health, youth, and vibrancy while leading a happy, fulfilling life!

Course Contents:
Program 1 Course Introduction
Center yourself with a short opening meditation and examine your health goals.

Program 2 Transforming Your Consciousness and Body
Learn how your beliefs transform your body, why your ability to create time affects aging, and scientific studies which confirm reversing aging.

Program 3 Practices to Slow Aging
Tap into several practices and attitudes to slow your aging process. Examine your beliefs about aging and shift them to create the body you want.

Program 4 Tapping into Unlimited Health
Practice changing thoughts and other energy exercises to free yourself from limiting mass consciousness thoughts around health. Wear the energy of perfect health.

Program 5 Psychosomatic Healing and Rejuvenation
Explore easy ways to heal, change and rejuvenate your body via a psychosomatic approach.

Program 6 Transforming Your Body Meditation
Take a guided meditative journey into the DNA of your cells to reprogram, youthen, or heal your body form.

Program 7 Course Conclusion
Final points and sharing.

Disclaimer: This course is a metaphysical perspective on food, diet, aging, exercise, health, and healing. It is not being offered as medical advice. It is not a substitute for any care you are receiving from a standard or alternative health care professional. This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

What people have to say about the How to Access Future Life Memories course

“I really enjoyed this class on youthing because it provided interesting insights and practical methods to achieve it. I found it enlightening and uplifting. The meditation to reverse aging at the cell level was very powerful! Another thing Egan taught was shifting our emotions on command. I later tried this on my own and was able to almost instantly shift my feelings into a positive state!”
- Jocelyn Biondo

“I had the privilege of reviewing the How to Grow Younger course. I found this seminar thought provoking and informative. The concepts built throughout, and the subject matter, created the ability to go deeper into the subject and bring it full circle with each additional layer. As we walk down the spiritual journey, it is important to be reminded of the fundamentals including taking back our power to manifest destiny. We are always creating! Harnessing our hidden gifts and powers is a real game changer in this game of life. Egan makes it understandable and relatable. I highly recommend this course.”
- Jackie Fahey

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About Egan Sanders
Intuitive counselor, coach, and spiritual development teacher, Egan Sanders, has used the same tools presented in this course to rejuvenate and youthen his own body and heal injuries.

Egan was born with intuitive abilities which allow him to deeply tune into people and create a space for rapid emotional healing, clearing and positive change. He has worked with thousands of people throughout the United States and internationally. With his fun, humorous, energetic, insightful style, Egan is an inspiring and yet down to earth guide for people wanting to understand themselves, grow personally and spiritually, and move forward in life. As an accomplished teacher, coach, and counselor, he is also a great resource for advanced souls looking to reach their next level of spiritual evolution.



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