How to Navigate the World as a Highly Sensitive Person


Type: Audio Course
Length: Approximately 90 minutes
Downloads: Audio, PDF Booklet
Product Number: HSP101

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person or HSP?

Do you tend to overthink or feel things much more deeply than other people? Have you ever hidden from scary social situations or relationships to emotionally protect yourself? Do you feel bombarded with unsettling news stories or social media that make you anxious?

If so, that’s quite normal for an HSP. It’s not easy to be sensitive but it can be managed. You don’t have to be controlled by fear, overwhelm, worry, anxiety or doubt. Even if the outer world doesn’t make sense you can remain inwardly centered and peaceful.

In this course learn how to quickly clear your energy of unwanted thoughts and emotions, the art of understanding what you are feeling and why, and how to manage upsetting people or situations in your life with ease and wisdom. You can live in a higher state of conscious awareness and experience more love and support no matter how sensitive you are.

Course Contents:
Program 1 What is an HSP?
Learn the history and background of Highly Sensitive People and evaluate your own level of sensitivity.

Program 2 Challenging External Energies
Better understand and effectively deal with the challenges of picking up unpleasant energies from other people and the media.

Program 3 Mindfulness Meditation
Center yourself and expand your awareness to experience deep inner peace and clarity.

Program 4 Strategies to Manage Stimuli
Explore the skill of referencing and monitoring for greater mastery, being neutrally aware of stimuli versus emotional identification, grounding and transmitting energy.

Program 5 What You Are Feeling and Why
Receive tips on how to transform triggers and detect the energies that you pick up from people, spaces, the physical echo, the ego, or impersonal energies and the importance of the meaning you give to them.

Program 6 Clearing Meditation
Clear yourself of unwanted thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and images.

Program 7 Communication and Compassion
Learn skills to safely communicate your wants and needs. Understand the balance of empathy and self-responsibility when wanting to help others.

Program 8 Handling Difficult People
Practice ways to compassionately deal with people without being affected by their energy. Get insights on clearing spaces vs relocation, and how to shift your vibration to move into a more harmonious reality.

Program 9 The Immunity of Love
Increase your ability to protect yourself from energies through transmuting, transforming, transparency, or the power of love versus shielding.

What people have to say about the How to Navigate the World as a Highly Sensitive Person course

“Starting this quest with Egan Sanders is such a transformative experience. This course is providing me with invaluable tools and insights that are helping me navigate my emotions and honor them, without being trapped by them. The techniques and strategies I'm learning are empowering me to handle challenging situations with ease and wisdom. I recommend this course to anyone who feels they are highly sensitive and wants to have their emotions work in their favor instead of against them—you will not regret investing in yourself. This journey is truly life-changing.”
-Aida Bravo


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About Egan Sanders
Intuitive counselor, coach, and spiritual development teacher, Egan Sanders, was born an HSP and has learned to master the art of harmoniously managing the energies he encounters in the world and within himself.

Egan was born with intuitive abilities which allow him to deeply tune into people and create a space for rapid emotional healing, clearing and positive change. He has worked with thousands of people throughout the United States and internationally. With his fun, humorous, energetic, insightful style, Egan is an inspiring and yet down to earth guide for people wanting to understand themselves, grow personally and spiritually, and move forward in life. As an accomplished teacher, coach, and counselor, he is also a great resource for advanced souls looking to reach their next level of spiritual evolution.

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