The Rascals Guide to Enlightenment


Length: 147 Pages
Download: PDF Book
Product Number: RGE101


Your ultimate guide to laughing your way to enlightenment!

Tired of shelling out endless amounts of money in your quest for personal and spiritual growth? (Except for Egan Sanders, of course, he’s worth every penny!) How about becoming enlightened on a budget?

The tips in The Rascal’s Guide to Enlightenment will propel you to a whole new level of self-awareness – while putting a big smile on your face through:

  • Fun Meditations & Snappy Affirmations
  • Probing the Depths of Stuff
  • Getting in touch with your inner SEG or SNAG
  • Creating your own Reality… TV Show!
  • Cracking the Mystery of Duh Mat Zo Code
  • Finding out that you’re okay, right here, right now...

Who is Mat Zo? Where did he come from? More importantly, should you trust him with your life’s savings?
Mat Zo is a holistic comedian, rascal, and absurdity guru.