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The Magic Box

A Timeless Story of Attracting your Heart’s Desire

The Magic Box is a rich story filled with wonder and delight. It is an inspiring parable for readers of all ages that sheds light on the mysterious process of how our deepest desires come into being. As an added bonus it also contains a “how to” guide to manifesting your heart’s desire.
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The book is divided into three parts:

Part 1 – The Magic Box Story – a timeless tale about a man who discovers a surprising way to make anything he desires come true.

Part 2 – The Magic Box Symbols – explains the deeper meaning of the magic box.

Part 3 – How to use your Magic Box – gives a detailed process and helpful hints to manifesting your heart’s desire.

The central theme of the book is that your consciousness is your magic box. By learning to understand your mind, emotions, and actions you can attract your heart’s desire into your life.

What is the secret power of the magic box?

Read it and discover it for yourself.

What Others Say…

“The Magic Box is a delightful story that will touch the hearts of all. It will awaken the child within you that still remembers and believes in magic. Although believing is natural, it still must be practiced. The Magic Box will help you with that practice.”

~ Ted Andrews
Bestselling author of Animal-Speak, Nature-Speak, and more than 30 other titles.

Board Game

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law of attraction game attract itservices

Attract It!

The Fun Law of Attraction Board Game

Play Your Way to Success by Becoming Magnetic to Your Goals.

You are a magnet. You attract into your life whatever you focus upon. That’s the Law of Attraction! Every moment, you are automatically attracting people, things, and situations into your life. Playing Attract It! can help you make your goals become realities. With Attract It! the power is in your hands!

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By focusing the energy of your thoughts, emotions, imagination, and actions, you can strengthen your skill to create positive experiences. Pick a personal goal and start playing immediately to attract whatever you want. You can Attract It!

Attract it! can be used in four ways:

  • As a fun board game to play solo or with your friends.
  • As a powerful meditation tool for personal and spiritual growth.
  • As an inspiring wisdom card oracle to empower you.
  • As a self-development course in mastering the Law of Attraction.

CONTENTS: Mini Game Board, 2 Dice, 9 Player Tokens, 30-Second Timer, 1 Goal Pad, Instruction Booklet, 88 Cards, 4 Goal and Feeling Statement Cards

Ages 16+, Players 1-9, Time 30-120 minutes.

PDF, eBook

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fourth dimension abundanceservices

Fourth Density Abundance Guide

Deservability, Excitement & Unconditional Abundance

This abundance guide was compiled from channeled sessions recorded from 1989 – 1996 by an anonymous teacher, who lived in a future society where lack was unknown. Fourth Density is realizing that your reality comes from you.

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This guide helps you to create abundance in your own life by introducing concepts and effective techniques based on the ideas that:

  • You are already abundant. You already have what you need when you need to have it.
  • You deserve to create a life of joy and ecstasy because you exist.
  • You are always unconditionally loved.
  • Following your excitement automatically attracts complete support from the universe.
  • You can manifest any intention with clear deservability, definitions, desire, and actions.
  • Money is a neutral symbol. Abundance can come in many ways. Money is just one symbol.

PDF, eBook

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fouth dimension healingservices

Fourth Density Healing Guide

Mindfulness, Reality Creation And Your Body Symbol

This healing guide was compiled from channeled sessions recorded from 1989 – 1996 by an anonymous teacher, who lived in a future society where illness was non-existent.
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Fourth Density healing is realizing that your physical body is a symbol that exists within your consciousness. As you transform your consciousness, your body transforms.

This guide helps you to heal yourself by introducing concepts and effective techniques. It has six sections:

  • Health and Healing Transcripts
  • Questions Around Health and Well-Being to Ask Yourself or Others
  • Healing Blue-White Bubble Meditation
  • Quotes to Support Perfect Health and Well-Being
  • Shifts of Perception
  • Quick Reference Index

PDF, eBook

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enlightenment rascalsservices

The Rascals Guide to Enlightenment

Your ultimate guide to laughing your way to enlightenment!

Tired of shelling out endless amounts of money in your quest for personal and spiritual growth? (Except for Egan Sanders, of course, he’s worth every penny!) How about becoming enlightened on a budget?

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The tips in The Rascal’s Guide to Enlightenment will propel you to a whole new level of self-awareness – while putting a big smile on your face through:
§  Fun Meditations & Snappy Affirmations
§  Probing the Depths of Stuff
§  Getting in touch with your inner SEG or SNAG
§  Creating your own Reality… TV Show!
§  Cracking the Mystery of Duh Mat Zo Code
§  Finding out that you’re okay, right here, right now…
Who is Mat Zo? Where did he come from? More importantly, should you trust him with your life’s savings?
Mat Zo is a holistic comedian, rascal, and absurdity guru.

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