When You Believe it, You Will Receive it

Do you have enough? Can you have everything you want? How much are you truly ready to receive from the Universe?

Ask, and it shall be given you;

Seek, and ye shall find;

Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

Matthew 7-7

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? For some people, getting what they want is simple, but for many, life can be a struggle. People persistently pray and do good works and set ambitious goals in order to receive their heart’s desire, but are we truly open to receive – to take or acquire something that is given, offered or transmitted? What do we believe about receiving?

Most of us have to learn how to receive. In the book “Spiritual Growth”, by Sanaya Roman, it is suggested that, “Most of you have received less than 2% of the good things your Higher Self can give you. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the other 98% coming to you. How does it feel? Do you find yourself opening to receive it, or do you start limiting how much you can let in? Imagine yourself receiving even more, as if you are turning on a faucet and letting even more good flow to you.”

Here are some ideas to ponder if you wish to receive more good things into your life. 

Surrender: We have to surrender and open ourselves to receive. Our bodies have Male (giving) and Female (receiving) channels. Our bodies are meant to give and receive. This is balance. Nature reflects this in its cycles. Sending out and receiving back energy is the natural order. If we give and do not receive we can get out of sync. It also can create a distortion if we receive and then do not give out energy, time, love, knowledge, etc.

Deservability: Do we have to do anything to “deserve” our higher good? It seems that people negotiate with life to get good things. Do you think thoughts like these? “Well, if I work hard enough, suffer so much, get enough crystals, give enough love – then perhaps I have earned good things. Now that I have given something, I deserve it.” Just consider that you can have it NOW – and that it’s okay to receive without doing anything. Many negotiate with life like they are negotiating with a car salesman who they do not trust. If you feel you don’t deserve, consider how a newborn child is treated. They are automatically loved, cared, and nurtured for, and then, after a year’s time, they are given a “birthday” party.

What has the baby done? Nothing really, except eat and sleep. They are loved because they exist. We must remember that we are the offspring of the universe and can receive the same loving treatment, support and abundance. Struggling to get what we want most often comes from the belief that we may not be certain that we deserve to have it.

Original Good: There is a belief in Original Sin which says that human beings are somehow tainted to begin with and thus do not deserve good things. We are told that we are not born Divine, when in fact we are – each of us – creative forces. What if we were all born perfect, as is? What if we have been born into Original Good: Loved, appreciated and intrinsically worthy of God’s love?

Vulnerability: What are trying to control with money? When we are giving money we are in control – we have a sense of power. When we receive, we are not in control – we are vulnerable, and that can be uncomfortable. Discount stores are really “controlling money stores.” When we get a discount, we feel good. “I controlled it – I got the coupon, or I am saving 15% – what a deal! I may not have a lot, but I am in control of what I do have!” That is powerlessness. If there were no fear of lack, there would be no need to control. There’s a belief that there is not enough, so we often seek to control what we do have.

Integrity: We are taught to be nice people, and do for others, and put ourselves last for the higher good. This makes sense in one way, but if we put others first, and do not treat ourselves equally, then we are out of integrity. Do we always need to focus on giving love and being good to be in harmony with the universe? What about yourself? What about receiving that which you lovingly desire and wish for others? Can everybody get what he or she desires without the idea of sacrifice?

Love: Imagine for a moment that God, the Universe, the Higher Power all about us is impartial, non-judgmental, and magnanimous: noble of mind and heart, especially generous in forgiving. How would you live if you knew that you were loved – no matter what you did or who you were, and that the universe was lovingly designed to give us whatever we preferred if we simply focused on it and allowed ourselves to receive it? Perhaps this is evolution – seeing life as God sees it. Not a God of right and wrong and judgment, but a God of infinite potential wishing to express that infinite potential through all of its creations – me and you – in love.

Creators: We create our reality by focusing on an idea and acting in alignment with it. We have a tremendous power and gift to create. We all have the ability to ask for our good. My simple prayer is to open my arms wide and say aloud, “I intend to receive more good things. I have the will and intent to receive more good things.” Then I simply list what it is that I wish to receive. I close by saying, “I am now open to receiving these things. I receive from the universe. It is an abundant universe, and I can have every good thing I desire – and more. Thank you.”

Some say, “Seeing is believing”. Metaphysicians say, “Believing is seeing.” I now understand that when you “believe it, you will receive it.”

Hi, Egan Sanders

Welcome to my blog. I am a transformation coach, intuitive counselor, and spiritual development teacher, who is passionate about helping you to live joyfully and actualize your potential.


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