A Society of Light

This month I chose post something that I did not write.

One of my beloved teachers, Sanaya Roman, transitioned in 2021. In her writings she presented a very inspiring vision of what our society could one day become.

In these days of war and rapid change, A.I. and economic challenges, I like to think that in the future day the problems of today will be far behind us. Our world has come a long way in the last 100 years. Is it too hard to imagine that maybe in another 100 years we will have greater peace and happiness? I call this the Society of Light prayer. I pray that one day it becomes our collective reality.

People everywhere make right decisions, Inspired by their higher selves, and carried out skillfully.

People are mentally clear, emotionally calm, and spiritually aware.

Everyone is in touch with his or her creativity, strength, courage, and wisdom.

There is an unprecedented level of cooperation, teamwork, and sharing.

Humanity experiences an outpouring of love, new ideas, and soul connections.

There is hope, optimism, and positive visions of the future.

People know that the universe is friendly and always working for them.

People believe in abundance and are able to create it in their lives.

People are supportive of those in need, and are generous with their assistance and sharing. Criticism is replaced with understanding, love, and cooperation.

Every lightworker becomes a radiating point of light, hope, inspiration, and courage.

People are awakening their light bodies everywhere.

Humanity is in alignment with Divine Will.

We have enlightened leadership by all people in leadership positions. Boundaries between peoples, nations, and races dissolve and we know our oneness with each other, and with the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms. Isolation turns into community, aloneness into friendships, and separateness into inclusiveness.

All people are free to follow and live their soul’s purpose.

Humanity becomes aligned with their souls and higher purpose.

Each person expands their consciousness, awakens their soul’s vision, and evolves all the forms in their lives so they may carry out the true activity of their souls. People’s personalities become vehicles to carry out their soul’s love, light, and will.

All people honor the earth and live in harmony with it and all life upon it.


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