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Spiritual Evolution Mentoring

This is a great way for advanced souls looking to reach their next level of spiritual evolution. Explore past life patterns, the nature of time and space, and how to actualize your ideal life and highest reality as a multidimensional, spiritual being in human form.


What is Spiritual Evolution Mentoring?

,?This is an ongoing dialogue and connection I offer to advanced souls looking to reach their next level of spiritual growth and evolution.

  • Have you done a lot of work on yourself?
  • Have you explored many paths and many modalities but lack a way to integrate all the changes in yourself?
  • Would you like your spiritual progress to become more grounded in your day-to-day life?
  • Do you yearn for wholeness and balance?

In mentoring we can deeply explore your past life patterns, the nature of time and space, life purpose, and how to actualize your ideal life and highest reality as the vast multidimensional, spiritual being in human form that you are.

The main goal is for you to commune with your own Soul, Higher Self, Divine Self, the well of wisdom within yourself. I act as a guide to open the door wider to your own light.

There is no format. Each session is unique because you are unique. I can play many roles: catalyst, coach, shaman, sage… sometimes I just listen and reflect back to you the truth of your being. Whatever is needed. This is what my mentors did for me. They were patient!

Benefits of Mentoring

Because of my own stubbornness and tomfoolery, I’ve become very good at discovering what does not work on the spiritual path! In fact, I am an expert…

I chalk it up to being a monk or yogi so many times in past lives I needed to go my own eclectic way this go around. There are advantages and disadvantages to that path. Alas, it could have been so much easier…

I can offer you the gift of learning from my missteps. Who knows, maybe you’ll even listen! Ha! But that’s the way it goes. No one can tell you how to grow spiritually, but they can offer support and guidance from experience.

And a little support at the right time helps. We all help each other. I was helped. I am here to help you go higher.

Spiritual exploration has been the greatest fun I’ve ever had. I wake up every morning asking myself, “I wonder what’s going to happen next?” If it excites you to stretch and see what’s possible, let me know.
I am another you, another eye of creation staring back at the wonderfully interesting mystery that we call reality.

Who are my Mentors?

I’ve had many physical and non-physical teachers and in this life and others.

Because of my psychic ability some of my mentors are non-physical guides. They telepathically talk to me whenever I make a request for their support.

Orin and Elan have been my primary nonphysical guides.

Orin is channeled through Sanaya Roman. He is a being of great love, wisdom, and compassion.

When asked, Orin will offer suggestions and ideas to assist people in seeing more choices. He has a constant message: “that the universe is friendly, that it is unlimited in its abundance, that everything is happening perfectly for our good although we may not always understand why, and that we can choose to grow through joy rather than through struggle.”

Elan is from 700 years in the future on another planet, Essassani, the same world as Bashar as channeled by Darryl Anka. 

I enjoy working with a wide range of people dedicated to their spiritual path who are eager to share their experience and go higher.

Having reached a certain level of self-mastery I am now attracting some students from many of my other lifetimes. Do you remember me? Perhaps from Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, The Mayans, Medieval Italy, Atrius, Tibet, or Essassani?

All who want to actualize their potential are welcome.

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“I really enjoyed your class Sunday. It was as if a weight has been lifted and I have absolutely no doubts about the direction I’m heading. I’m working on my business plan right now. I would love any ideas and support you can offer. Your energy is wonderful!! Keep sharing your light!”

Houston, TX

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