The Shock of Awareness: Part 1

A concept frequently presented by metaphysical circles, teachers and authors is about how to powerfully create our reality by “feeling” good. The emphasis is on holding a positive focus and controlling the emotions. I agree, in part, with those ideas, but I feel that they are the second step. The first step can be acknowledging what we are, in fact, feeling, thinking, imagining, and fearing. Rushing to do an affirmation or prayer when fear or doubt comes up can actually slow down the manifestation process.

The reality is that “stuff” is coming up. We are growing, changing, and shifting, and in that process fear might appear and anxieties may arise. We can even get pessimistic. If we deny our feelings, or try to automatically redirect them, we may be missing the point.

I see more and more people in our society experiencing the shock of awareness or awareness shock. A new idea, perception or event can act as a catalyst for life change or spiritual transformation. Crisis and chaos may ensue. We may even be rocked to the roots of our deepest selves and forced to examine things we had been avoiding.

If we have, in fact, all lived lifetimes before, and are letting go of past limits and cherished fears, can we also allow ourselves the time to grieve over those lost realities, relationships, and behaviors?

We live in the age of integration where many are choosing to resolve old issues, raise our conscious awareness and say goodbye to old approaches, practices, and philosophies. Holistic practitioners are often directed to heal, share insights, or simply be more conscious with other people in our lives. Helping a person to realize that there are positive alternatives to a negative situation can be simple and mutually rewarding. What happens, however, when a strongly “charged” issue comes to the surface? What do we do as we are shocked, shaken, stirred, and rearranged in our own personal and planetary evolution, or in service to others?

Here are some approaches that can transform the shock of awareness – awareness shock in positive, loving, and honoring ways. I will address this as if you are personally experiencing it, but these ideas can also be helpful when dealing with others who may be handling awareness shock.

1. Awareness Shock – Why?

There are many reasons why, when, and how we get shocked. Some have made previous soul agreements or contracts to be born into this life to learn certain lessons. We can make agreements to be born into a family, form a romantic relationship or business partnerships. We can agree to have a wonderful life and then, at a certain age, suffer a traumatic event or loss to grow spiritually. If you experience shocking events and sincerely believe that you create your reality through agreements and attraction, you might find yourself asking, why would I do this? Why would I agree to this? There are many answers – agreements you made and forgot, to move yourself forward in your growth and evolution as a soul, to clear out energies/people/beliefs out of your aura or life, to be of service to others on their path, to raise the consciousness of the planet, and/or explore the human condition. These are just some of the many reasons. Focus less on why and more on what can be done now to create wholeness?

2. Acceptance and Allowance

Make it easy on yourself. Whatever you are going through, practice acceptance and allowance. Loving ourselves unconditionally, no matter what, is one of the major belief systems we have agreed to embody for others to see. You may actually be fulfilling your agreements by experiencing negativity, pain, or setbacks – not by being perfect or happy 24 hours a day. We are exploring and learning, and we are loved. You will not always know what the agreements are in a situation. Refrain from judgment – assigning a negative meaning. It is only negative if you choose to see it that way. You love and honor yourself by viewing shocking situations from the perspective of, “What is asking to be healed or released here?”

3. Triggers are your Friend?

I am not talking about guns or any other weapons with a trigger! I am talking about emotional or energetic triggers that shock you. It may be a look, a thought, a chance encounter, an event, or someone getting in your space and triggering something within you. We live in a reflective universe. We attract symbols in the form of people and events that show us what we are holding in our consciousness, and most often, in our unconsciousness. Understanding the symbol, getting the message or insight when shocked, often helps usher in a bigger and better reality of greater wholeness for you. Just saying to yourself, “This doesn’t feel very good in this moment, but how is it helpful to me?” can take much of the edge off.

4. Honor the Process

If you get shocked, there is a good reason. The universe is really trying to help you. Watch out for the desire to control the experience. I see many people in denial about their pain or who rush to use a healing/consciousness technique to remedy it. That can be a wise approach if done with awareness. It can also end up being a way to avoid your fears, issues, or beliefs. Let go of the “Fix it to stop the suffering this instant,” approach.  When you get shocked, it can be disorientating, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. Ask yourself, “How can I honor this process? What am I learning from this experience?” It may last a moment, hours, a week, or more. It may be a long, dark night of the soul, or simply a moment to shift your consciousness. Just let it be what it is, feel it out, experience the shock, and learn from it. It is not a mistake. Your reactions are normal.

I recall a scene from movie where a man surprised his wife by suddenly asking for a divorce. Even though he had been happily married for years, the husband had met a new woman. After great inner turmoil, he decided he now wanted to live with her instead. The wife was understandably shocked.  Immediately she went in to a deep depression. Trying to be helpful as time passed, one of her daughters confronted her mother. With good intentions, the daughter told her that months had now gone by and that she needed to move on. The wife bluntly replied to her daughter that she was not ready, that she needed time to grieve. When she was done she would decide how and when to move on with her life.

I love that scene because the woman honored herself, her feelings, and her reality. It was an organic, emotional healing process. She did not need to force herself to smile, think positive, or set an intention. Rather than oversimplifying our process to avoid feeling bad, we can look at the healing and inner growth aspects of pain.

In Part 2 I will go more deeply into the aspects of awareness shock. If you are experiencing the shock of awareness, know that help is available to you. We are here to love and support each other in our growth. You are not alone. If you become overwhelmed, get help from a caring practitioner.  A combination of inner awareness and external support is a good way to ensure an easier path for you as you weather the shock of awareness and heal your part of the hologram.

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